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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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so we have to get it right. okay so we can also have a sidebar afterwards to make sure we're clear anything further on the tenderloin before we move on to character. >> we're hearing from the community the station is one side of larkin and polk and one side of van ness is it possible for both stations to cover the block. >> so when both have a block no station has a block the thinking being it has gotten to be one persons has one side of the street it doesn't work as well, for major boulevards and streets both sides of that street belong to one station. >> i'll say that commissioners
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the data shows coordination and an officer from one district and back up their backing up the officers regardless the district in which the call occurs the border street for example, an issue in the tenderloin and there's a northern car that is close we give them the data to help on the route. >> the purpose it was a data driven commercial map you've done a lot of work and people in the tenderloin you talk about how it is like and at the end of the day, we have the two worlds together so the park. >> the first question was how to keep the neighborhood together in one district the first one shows the parks northern border to geary with that i'll see the cad increases just under one percent and cable under one percent and population
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about one and a half percent there's considerations that that the other option toaccommodate that if you look at that in reverse park can go north to geary it is a point of consideration and back into the police department there is considerations at that point as to what is best for the operation for the p d if we move it it to gear this is the further border away from central park and depending on how this was written if geary both sides belong to park it would tenderloin the businesses along geary boulevard there's a split between the districts the od's if you bring it down it makes
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richmond a little bit bigger and park smaller again, the chief needs to weigh in the changes are about the same. >> so again both sides of geary the confusing part the black and blue like that both sides of geary belong to currently belongs to richmond; right? >> in the scenario we have the way that the line goes the community felt it was splitting the line. >> no, no right now who is geary get both sides of geary. >> well, it's split in the current district boundary it is split it comes along and up to geary it splits in the middle of the district richmond and park. >> right now it belongs to richmond. >> right now correct. >> so it stays in the richmond
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but the streets returning to geary again, the fingers belong to the block it belongs to richmond currently for that exact reason we don't split the business district. >> going back to the concern north of handle and the colleagues were calling out the e-mail we heard from the park station their concern was moving the northern edge at turk rather than fulsome and i think that was the department suggestion practitionerly if you're going to take it to turk you might as well go to geary; right? arching i didn't. >> without taco taking geary so
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practitionerly having the department weigh in did you talk about the mrmgz. >> essential whether you move it to keep the neighborhood you have to options either move the line north to geary or have it south the data mrmgz are very similar so if you were to move it park north to geary it is about a one percent change in cad cable and one percent change in population if you do it the other way richmond down to the southbound it changes would be points 7 percent for cad and point of for cable and less than
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a percentage for the population. >> but regardless the community didn't want fell they wanted the anytime of turk so our contention was if you go to turk the day you create from geary to turk it is negligible the amount of calls from service from turk to geary way cleaner than the streets that run north-south perpendicular to geary that's where the park boundary stops. >> it is preserving neighborhoods so it didn't chief that interest. >> it doesn't sound like in terms of that matter what we're considering is moving north to geary not another option i want to make it contrary to the colleagues. >> it's a minimal change about a percent cad cable one .4
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percent to park. >> so got it everybody is clear in terms of the next map okay moving on southern. >> so the next consideration will be southern to mariposa we have it combined with the small section of the mission to the bayview data on that small changes in terms of cad cable .3 percent on both of those point one percent in the population change that's for the southern bayview switch search warrant mariposa part with the mission is insignificant to boyfriend there are 8 calls and we'll go over this in the operational consideration so moving the southern border it keeps the area between mariposa
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together you might not have heard it but we look at the long-term changes in the bayview you might want to consider moving south of caesar chavez that was in the discussions with the working group you have so do the redistributing it might come up 10 years from anyhow we want to point out the fallen bridge park that area from mariposa you talk about the 18 there are a few groups that come from bayview to that area that's been included with a bigger chunk to get that piece you're talking about under the 101 the bayview officers can't get to it. >> unless at the go over the freeway and up central. >> right but they'll have to come down to mission.
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>> not at mariposa but the dividing line. >> if mariposa is the dividing line and bayview has mariposa they'll stay in their district mariposa can go down but if southern takes mariposa they'll go into bayview. >> we'll have to clean mariposa and i see the supervisor got her up out of her chair (laughter). >> okay. >> whatever we're talking about the bayview and the supervisor is up out of her chair there's something in play paw whatever you that is 8 calls. >> the community and probably all 8 of the callers. >> were at the meeting. >> very seriously it was about
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8 people they all looked stress and unanimous desire the quality of life issues and having been a prior captain and talking it that prior captain we both described what i described to you coming off mariposa and block under and make a left. >> right and there again, the calls whichever way it keeps the connectivity into the park that is down below so the police officers areenter connected. >> mariposa is in the bayview and the southern station wagon will be mary bossing possess but bayview has mariposa and this change to fallen bridge park area will be reflected in the map. >> it is in the map already.
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>> it's small park. >> so let's look at some of the map options that you have this is sort of describe what is shown in each of the maps so in opposition one tenderloin to van ness, park to geary, southern to mariposa which in this scenario brings the tenderloin further down do keep park to geary the way you get the feedback from the neighborhood and inclusive of the piece of admission to bayview. >> this needs to be changed based on the tenderloin the issue that the chief raised around you said this map didn't reflect. >> that will be on the next option. >> okay. >> so let's go to that one and just so you know when your discussing those each of the
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options has the new district looks like if you look at this page in the palm tree you have option one is sb 3 b so the tenth version of the proposed map it shows you what the districts looked like in terms of cad and cable and population for the city so for each map the corresponding do not the citywide view so the next one is one that you are not interested in looking at turned out to van ness it is the southern to mariposa let's move quickly to option 3 it is close to where you're getting tenderloin seemingly like to southern mariposa inclusive of the piece of the mission where the park is to bayview. >> and again, just after that, you have the data shoot that shows you the citywide view
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and that corresponds to sb 312 the map for that option four is one that now for the discussion didn't seem like it's on the table that's itself tenderloin richmond southern to mariposa you're looking at option 3 so the next sheet in your packet is the summary data so you can see the differences we were talking about map to map under the populated map that was presented on march 10 and options one through 4 so the ones you were more focused on option 3 tenderloin to park to guarantor, southern to mariposa inclusive of fallen bridge park and that shows you the differences of the what the map you know so you see we what the differences are and so that is
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what you're left with the fine detailing and we can start certainly work with the controller's office and the chief and our mapping person so that you have maybe want two maps to come back for invocation. >> let me check in with media colleagues, i want to check in with the folks option 3 is close tweaking around the tenderloin piece from my prospective colleagues other maps you want us to consider for next week? >> i think i agree with option 3 with the tweak with the tenderloin. >> chief? i see we have supervisor cohen here and i can concede some of
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our time >> do you want to speak no great my suggestion we make the changes to option number 3 and have that presented to us invocation it didn't seem as to that's a desire to look at another map in terms of of the commission not interested in the data as the community concerns it is helpful on the last charter to look at the summary data some taken off the northern but the contingency that aware thought that piece and help impacted with the staffing and it looks like the park grows a little bit at again, this is what that community has asked for that stayed part of the park and bayview dropped counsel a little bit it is helpful to know the long tint consequences we didn't shift in a significant way with
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the problem we didn't consider that's in the table too so colleagues we'll have a chance to have. any final questions for the consultant that traveled from boston oh, the chief >> the other consultants were the other communities although at the end of the day the changes that end up being what appears possible riffling negligentable i don't think we could moot and go both sides i worked there for a long time but didn't live there it is huge like fallen bridge park maybe a little thing you but a big thing for people living there and the people president of the east west streets that's okay. and the big one moving black and white on market street and kind
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of figuring out it is not that often we get to where we kind of go we're good. >> chief i concur i was speaking with randy earlier today in the world of san francisco and our many projects that is really a big project that came to a conclusion with great input from the community and the minor chancellor from the folks at p d but a great effort from the partitions and i'm excited for the city you're going to get this launched and close to when you moved into the new station. >> i know my time is past but. >> we'll be in the new public safety building monday so the southern station was operational a week ago saturday if you have driven down the 8th street
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there's no double-parked cars for the first time in 65 years and we'll be fully operational and if anybody from the public the ribbon cutting is on the 16th i believe at 11:00 a.m. at third and mission rock. >> yes. oh, supervisor cohen. >> yeah. come on up. >> i'm sure you're aware of district 10 a policed by 3 stations i didn't hear about the mission station is it still in front of the east mission i represent the bayview southern as well mission captains i interface with. >> mission station is essentially unchanged. >> it's policing part of the - >> general hospital is still in the mission. >> okay. thank you. >> all charming.
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>> i want to thank all the members of the public for making the map so much better it was a wonderful out pouring and clear expression combregs expression for what you're fighting for in your community inspector call the next line item. >> b commission announcements and identified for consideration at future meetings. >> colleagues any items we want to schedule at this point? >> i think the schedule is full. >> that's is it fair to say. >> commissioner dejesus. >> one of the things i've talked about i want to put on the agenda to have a decision regarding the option involved shootings and the process that it goes to the firearm discharge review board in terms of.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> up the discharge review board to look at whether or not i'd like working the history of the firearm discharge board was set up and whether or not we can would want to have either someone appointed a community member or the judge or someone appointed for officer involved shootings a summary to give an opinion to the commission or you can so we have he secondary review i'm thinking we put a committee together to investigate into those items and so something i want to put on the agenda and have a discussion. >> thank you commissioner dejesus at our last meeting i add that to the agenda for what changes and the discussion of that process supervisor wong. >> i want to for the purpose e
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foil on the report improving the recommendations based on president obama recommendations i don't know what the process is how do we calendar that for discussion and moving forward with the ocii to craft simple language for consideration do we have that discussion first. >> thank you, chief. >> we're right now working to go through i am through the president task force report and carved out the recommendations and action items where all the captains and command staff are populating we do much of that for instance like it speaks to the harm reduction of not using evidence we've been wanting to talk about links e things like have all the officers have the lax zones and tourniquets on
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them and a lot of things on and on so we'll work with the fcc to populate that and see whooets what's in place and pending and what can be done and the timelines and other things in the report that calls for the department of justice fund we'll be happy to participate in if it happens and asked to work with the university and places of higher learning to do before a we'll work with the director and her staff and pretty much on the on the same page the last time we met we already do love of this so let's find anti where we are and populate that report it is for the mayor's office and the commission to be the first police department in the country to see we subscribe to every
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tenant of that report. >> we got that report i shared that in march and asked the director of the ocii and the chief to see where we are and engage so i don't know if there is pa report to come before this commission at some point. >> we should have our population done within the next couple of three weeks and if the director could maybe ask her folks to do the same thing and come together to match up we'll have our work product. >> can i stress similar this process if we can involve community input sooner than later and some of the inputs we need a civilian board so part of the communication with the community groups how do we incorporate them into the process so that he learner more about what we're doing as a
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finalized plan this is what we've done and they feel like they've been included from the process maybe initially get the report and innovative the community into giving feedback and suggestions that's pretty much the plan so obviously we don't for instance, like the policing and the general order and the parent of arrested children the credit should be given like a bibliography at the bottom of places we work to get there and many mentions in the report i'm sure you're aware of the action and recommendation actions that tube working with the community on training to get to x to y plenty ever opportunity in the report in other words, to be in compliance with the report it requires that you work with the community and i think the
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community needs to get credit for the work they've already done with us. >> commissioner melara. >> just a reminder that since you brought up the general on domestic violence. >> commissioner turman. >> director hicks do you have anything you want to - >> i know you and i have discussed the 21st century is there something else you want to audio. >> thank you very much ms. turner i can't get any touchscreen to work i'm pushing it and pushing it and keep getting to the enter our pass code to ask permission to speak
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it was a procedural matter it might be safe some time if after chief suhr and his staffer go through their responses to the recommendations then we follow-up since we might be duplicating work is my only sense we can do it quickly we know what we've worked on so, yes, i think it is important that the response come back to this commission and the opportunity for the public to comment unless this commission thinks there is a better way for the, llc approach. >> i think i appreciate that
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director hicks part of reason the chiefs point we have a rich policy we have a history of working collaborating with the children activist community i think there is a part of responsibility for the commissioners need to hold we're here because we're members of the community and it is incumbent upon us to bring those and share i asked the ocii and police i'm calling them one pipeliners we need to talk about the policies we've implemented and be really pro-active in sharing that information we can't assume that everybody is watching us sfgovtv on wednesdays. >> that's my position i think we should this is a discussion for another time we should calendar this for an update from both of you and have a discussion how to involve of stakeholders in owning what the
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plan is moving forward i agree with commissioner fong any other items for the agenda okay inspector call the next line item i'm sorry public comment. >> inspector. >> public comment? >> commissioners chief suhr this is in reference to the public comment regarding the redistributing. >> yes. any items. >> i'm randell scott i represent the improvement district the redistributing i want to confirm did i hear that geary both sides of geary was to be patrolled by the tenderloin? >> no our recommendation is that it remains patrolled by who is now central. >> thank you. i wanted to clarify that matter other than we have no matters with the redistributing of the map as it
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stands. >> thank you very much >> next speaker. >> welcome mr. elliott. >> dave elliott lewis in addition to the collaborative i'm a 31 year resident of san francisco so over half my life 9 years in the tenderloin 9 years living by the corner of larkin and feel street it is a ground zero for the community problems we've talking about with the map and for me the issue of coping that boundary on larkin versus moving it to polk or van ness it is an issue of laekt we'll have 3 homicides related to the hondurans that sell crack cocaine and herein they dropped a body i had to step in front of you took a photo i regret taking
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that the fact i had to see that both captains in the northern and tenderloin are aware of the going on problem it is true the dealers play cat and mouse with the boundary and moving the western boundary of the tenderloin precinct i would hope van ness or polk even the fingers will help in enforcement and provide for safety for the community remembered right across the street in the playground that are children playing in the park and seeing you have drug dealing next to a playground we have a chance finally one in a 10 year opportunity to move the boundary to redo the district boundaries let's do it thank you, commissioners for coming up with the alternative plans i know